BYU Learning Suite

A promotional video for the BYU Learning Suite

A custom learning management system built in-house for Brigham Young University. Learning Suite replaced Blackboard for university courses as of the Fall, 2012 semester.

  • Implemented features for Learning Suite's Schedule application, enabling instructors to share announcements, assignments, and test dates with students
  • Resolved defects, in preparation for the site's initial launch
  • Migrated portions of the application's JavaScript and PHP codebase to Backbone.js, in order to reduce server workload, and improve site responsiveness

Learning Suite is accessible to BYU students and faculty.

Personal Projects

This landing page, and portfolio, served from a self-hosted instance of the Node.js-based Ghost platform.

  • Set up Ghost platform on DigitalOcean  Upgraded to latest Ghost release Installed SSL Certificate from a certificate authority  
  • Built a custom theme, based on the default Casper theme
  • Customized the template for Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Screen Properties

A basic utility for calculating the dimensions and pixel density of a display panel, based on the resolution and diagonal size. The concept has become a personal "Hello world!" variant, for trying new programming languages.

Stylesheets for EPUB

A collection of CSS stylesheets, designed for documents conforming to the IDPF's EPUB specification, including:

The project is available on GitHub.

QML Bridge for Material Design Icons

A JavaScript shim for integrating the community-built Material Design Icons font with Qt Quick Controls 2's built-in theme for Google's Material Design.

The project is available on GitHub.